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5 Benefits of Vehicle Wraps As Promotion for Your Business

Promoting your business is one of the smartest things you can do for your company. You advertise in many ways: online, via radio commercials and by using mailers or newspaper adverts.
Another way you can promote your business uniquely, affordably, and effectively is turning your company cars into moving advertisements. You can do this by investing in vehicle wraps, which are detailed signage custom-fit to each car for easy marketing everywhere a car is driven. Explore a few of the many benefits vehicle wraps offer for your business.

You Gain Greater Recognition

The amount of exposure you can give your company by having a car, trailer, or company van outfitted with a wrap is astounding: you can reach an average of over eight million "impressions" a year. With your business name, logo, website, slogan, and phone number present on your company cars at all times, you can reach potential or curious customers while simply sitting in rush-hour traffic.

You Gain Cost-Effective Advertising

A single vehicle wrap costs between $1,500 to $3,000 on average, with the cost varying depending on the size of the vehicle you are adorning and whether you want a full wrap or adornment for just a part of your car. With a small marketing budget, you can provide wraps for some of your company vehicles to reach potentially millions of people throughout the year.

You Give Your Vehicles a Familiar Appeal

Customers can quickly recognize your company vehicles when they are each outfitted with similar vehicle wraps. In the same way that a company shirt creates recognition for clients, cars can help people keep your business in mind. This recognition gives your business a more professional, approachable appeal while allowing you to simply advertise visually wherever you go — your vehicles are like moving billboards or business cards for your company.

You Create Constant Exposure for Your Business

When you create an advert for the newspaper, you are tied to a contract for a few set weeks, months, or even days. A billboard posting puts you in a similar situation. With a vehicle wrap, you are not time-bound in your exposure limits: your vehicle's advertising lasts as long as the wrap does.
You can sign a contract with your vehicle wrapping or signage company to replace or update your wraps a few times a year, but other than that, your opportunity to stick with customers is only limited by how far your vehicles can travel.

You Can Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

Your competitors are likely using many of the same marketing tactics you are: mailers, TV commercials and so on. Adding a fleet of vehicles to your marketing arsenal allows your company to stand out in ways your competitors do not.
Differentiation is one of the key aspects of successful marketing, and this factor applies to the products you sell, the services you provide, and the way you promote your company. Vehicle wraps are a great way to blast through your competition. You can make your company unique and appealing in the minds of consumers simply because you marketed outside the box.
Vehicle wraps allow you to expose your business to a wider demographic of people every day. If you are looking for a new way to market yourself, then putting your cars to advertising use is an excellent solution. There are many ways you can customize your wraps to make a lasting impression you can be proud of.
Your signage company will be happy to assist you in outfitting your vehicles for maximum marketing exposure. Our team of experts at Sign Center can provide you with beautiful and engaging vehicle wraps for all your company cars.